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TiborczLaw offers cost effective legal advice across a range of practice areas in which our lawyers have professional, practical and personal experience.

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Welcome to TiborczLaw!

TiborczLaw is a boutique legal practice specializing in commercial law, real estate, intellectual property related matters, labour law, corporate law, creative industries and arts. We act on behalf of Hungarian, and foreign clients and have expertise concerning small and medium businesses offering cost effective legal advice across a range of practice areas in which our lawyers have professional, practical and personal experience.
Attila Tiborcz managing partner was working at one of the top law firms of China for 3 years gaining practical knowledge of the Chinese legal system, best practices and cultural aspects, helping European businesses to find reliable partners and establish solid business contacts.

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dr. Tiborcz Attila

Handling primarily international and online commerce, corporate law, real estate, consumer protection, labour law, intellectual property and creative industry related issues for international clientele. I have solid experience in the strategic planning and execution of running small and medium sized businesses in Hungary, offering a legal and business perspective as well as in-depth knowledge of the Central-Eastern European business environment. I contributed to the establishment and development of the first Chinese-European law firm now having offices in 30+ cities in China, in the US, Europe and South-America.
I gained my China-experience working at Asia’s largest law firm as one of its first member of the international department at its headquarters in Beijing. I provided legal consultancy for European companies establishing presence or investing in China, and for Chinese (and Asian) clientele doing business in Europe. By assisting the set-up of several joint venture companies and wholly foreign owned enterprises in China, I learned the most important aspects of such procedures, including the pitfalls and tricks.
I have a well-established international circle of friendly professionals on every continent of the world.
I am a graduate of the Hungarian Péter Pázmány Catholic University of Law and Political Sciences, Corvinus University of Economics, and the Robert Schumann Institute for Higher European Studies in France. In addition, I have delivered lectures on European Law, labour law and European business environment at the College of Szolnok.
I believe that my clients need a wide range of legal and related services from a trustable and thorough professional who understands both the business he assists and the person behind it.
Please see my entire profile including my career path and education at LinkedIn.


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We can assist you if you…

… are an artist and want to sell, showcase your art or contract a venue.
… have a band and want to contract a publisher or a venue.
… are a consumer and feel that your rights have been neglected.
… are starting an online store and need legal advice.
… manage a business and have questions about the day-to-day legal issues.
… want to establish a company in Hungary, in the EU, in the USA or in China and need assistance.
… want reliable answers from trustable and thorough legal professionals.
… want to register your logo, trademark or protect your brand.
… like art and want to purchase your favorite piece.
… want to buy a home and need a solid sale and purchase agreement.
… want to buy or sell something abroad and need a bulletproof agreement.
… live in a condominium and want to know your rights.
… are an employee and have questions about your rights and obligations.


Our clients may download sample contracts, agreements and other legal documents from the client portal and review all the documents we have drafted during our cooperation in the past.

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We welcome your inquiries at any time by telephone, email, skype or via any other methods corresponding to your needs. Personal meetings may be arranged upon request at a time and place convenient to you (if within Budapest).

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